Digital Media Strategist

To help promote the value of different brand, Beverly Group has declared 2024 the Year of The Beverly Travel Agents. This international campaign includes “The 12 Tenets of Travel Agents,” which distills your importance to travelers in 12 short, powerful sentences.

Each month, each companies will be featuring one of the 12 tenets on social media and through many other forms of communication. The Year of The Beverly Travel Agent gives travel agents the perfect opportunity to celebrate themselves, to share why they do what they do, and to talk about why they are passionate about travel. The ways to promote and talk about this on social media are endless!

We have laid it all out for Beverly Group networks members within the Social Media Studio with Media Kits, including images to use on all social media channels, copy ideas and video content.

Other agents can participate in the Year of The Beverly Travel Agent by using the hashtag #BookBeverly or #BeverlyBooking on social media and getting your clients to share their travel agent stories. Use existing client reviews that positively connect to one of the 12 tenets and share them on social media.

Whenever you professionally use social media, explain how you help before, during and after the journey. Share photos of happy clients, write a short summary on what a client can expect, and ask your clients to comment on how you have helped them during the planning process.

Another fun option is to create a video or share photos of “behind the scenes” content that describes a day in the life of a travel agent. Switch it up month to month and see which option your clients respond to best.

By participating in the Book Beverly and Beverly Booking Network, you can market yourself in alignment with a national campaign, interact with your current clients and engage with prospective clients.