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Advantages of exhibiting here?

Good buying power and high quality leads. Second Home is the only exhibition that combines supply and demand in the national and international real estate market, for investment or recreational use. The exhibition is the moment of contact for real estate agents and developers, specialized in the (inter) national real estate market and their purchases.

What is the visitor's profile?

* 75% of our visitors earn 2x the EU average or higher income.

* The average purchase price is € 255,000.

* 38% of visitors expect to buy a property within one year.

* Visiting the exhibition is the most important channel for orienting potential buyers.

* Our Portuguese and Spanish competitors welcome over 20,000 potential buyers to their events every year.

* Showcase properties from over world

* The target group is getting younger, (45-65 +)

The results of participating

Even in the digital age, exhibitions are one of the main lead generators for our companies. Not only do prospective buyers appreciate having personal face-to-face contact on their home turf, but we, as a business, see it as an advantage to be able to have personal contact with our customers. Large amounts of visitors are guaranteed by marketing campaigns and our teams ensure there is nothing to worry about during the three days you are promoting your products and services.

Expo Second Home: the trade show

During the Second Home exhibition, hundreds of real estate agents and developers and real estate projects offer second homes in more than 20 Italian regions.

ESH is considered one of the most important public events in Europe dedicated to second homes and with the most versatile offer.

Expo Second Home event profile

* Sectors: Luxury Real Estate Home Construction Tourism Promotion Territory

* Frequency: yearly

* Scope: National

Next Second Home edition

* From Friday to Sunday

* Place: Exhibition and congress center

* City: Paris Amsterdam Brussels Copenhagen Munchen Berlin Wien Zurich London

* More information:

Don't miss the largest variety of properties / real estate projects at Expo Second Home

Second Home showcases a wide range of second homes, a vast offering from the most coveted country like Italy. So if you are planning to exhibit or simply visit the fair, we recommend that you carefully read everything we have to say: the latest news, tips and reasons to visit Expo Second Home!

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Paris Amsterdam Brussels Copenhagen Munchen Berlin Wien Zurich London